Different models of LED projector

LED Projector

An LED projector is more powerful than a street light or an outdoor light and is ideal for outdoor lighting such as a path, yard, garden, parking lot, etc. Usually used by professionals to lighten the facade, storeroom or location of a building. LED floodlights are a very useful tool in your property to facilitate access to your garage or home in the dark or to brighten your garden or pool at night.
LED projectors designed to illuminate outdoor spaces are resistant to air and cold. However, they can also be used indoors to light a particular facility or storage area.
When a LED projector is paired with a motion sensor, it acts as an effective deterrent to thieves. Professionals use projectors to protect places and equipment. The power of this type of lighting, along with the sensor, can also scare off intruders around your home by turning on at night.


Projector-led Norma

?Why buy an LED projector

LED projectors are used as a replacement for halogen projectors to achieve high brightness lighting. They provide much less power than halogen projectors, while providing very powerful lighting. It seems that the average energy saving is up to 80% and quite impressive. Another advantage of these projectors over halogen is that the projectors are much longer lasting and the lamps are less sensitive to cold and impact. With a halogen projector, you also need to change most of the lamps, which also affects the price of the lights. By saving energy, brightness of an equivalent energy and long life, you no longer need to use a comparator to see the benefits of an LED projector!

LED projector

Led-cob projector

LED Projector

Different models in LED projector

Huge range of outdoor lighting products available: These projectors come with different specifications, accessories and different lamps and different power ratings and designs depending on the model They are. It is up to you to choose the best one based on your need (power, design, white or warm light, etc.) and the desired lamp position (path, garden, etc.).

Normatech led projector

Normatech led projector

Full Flat LED Projector

The advantage of this type of flat projector is mainly known for its beauty. Its compact, flat design makes it easy, unexpected, light, and easy to transport, install and integrate into your home or garden. This flat design also maximizes the resistance of the LED projector to the wind. If you use it to dispose of burglars or if you have a pair of surveillance cameras, you can use it to shoot intruders. Its prudent design means you can be surprised even more by its benefits!

Flat led projector

Flat led projector – Norma

Motion Sensor LED Projector

In these types of projectors, the motion sensor only illuminates when the motion sensor detects the presence of someone, rather than continuous illumination. This saves a considerable amount of energy. You can usually configure the amount of time the light stays on when the motion is detected by the sensor. It is very useful in passageways or is also suitable to avoid switches. Depending on the model, you can adjust the motion detection regularly to stop the animal from passing through the light. Some of these types of projectors are also combined with a video surveillance camera that starts shooting when detected. The light provided means that it can be recorded even at night in clear video and the aggressors can fear it.

Rechargeable and portable LED projector

If you need an LED projector, choose a portable model from your local store. Since they have batteries, you do not need to plug them into a power circuit and provide several hours of light. This type of projector is very useful in an emergency or in the event of a power failure.

Color LED Projector

In addition to white lighting, some LED projector models also offer color lighting. They are suitable for creating a special space in the garden, terrace or pool. LED color projectors work more than just for professional use, although they are sometimes used indoors for lighting events. The color of LED lighting using the remote can be static or adjustable

Projector LEDs for commercial use

Projector LEDs can also be used to illuminate shop windows or billboards, because powerful lights are needed to display products or attract attention. LED projectors are efficient and can be used to reduce the cost of advertising lighting.

LED floodlight for swimming pools

This type of projector is used to provide the environment around the pool at night or simply to highlight water movements. Colored lighting in the pools is also possible.

پرژکتورLED نمایشگاه

10th Tehran 97 International Exhibition of Flooring, Carpeting and Carpeting

Normatek as the largest producer LED projector participated in Tehran International Exhibition in 1997.

At the projector booth at the 97th Carpet Exhibition, Nurmatak presented a variety of led projectors to its visitors.

Within days of the exhibition being held at the Normatek LED Projector booth, many visitors visited the booth.

This Normatak product has many uses that can be mentioned in carpet lighting, sofa lighting and exhibition lighting.

ProjectorNorm quality is the after sales service NORMATEC led projector is always with the customer.

پرژکتور LED نمایشگاه فرش

Norma attends the 9th Tehran International Exhibition of Flooring, Carpeting and Carpet1396

Normatek as the largest manufacturer LED projector participated in Tehran International Exhibition in 1996.

At the projector booth at the 96th Carpet Exhibition, Nurmatak presented a variety of led projectors to its visitors.

In a few days, many visitors visited the booth at the LED projector booth at Normatek.


This Nurmatek product has many uses that can be mentioned in carpet lighting, sofa lighting and exhibition lighting.

ProjectorNorm quality is the after sales service NORMATEC led projector is always with the customer.

97Aftab Exhibition of all types of flooring, carpet and carpet

Sun City

Norma Tec participated as the largest manufacturer of LED projectors at the International Carpet Exhibition in Aftab in 1997.

At the LED projector booth at the Sunshine City Exhibition in 97, Nurmatk presented a variety of LED projectors to visitors.

In the days of the exhibition at the Normatek LED Projector booth, many visitors visited the booth.

Lightmatek LED projector has many uses that can be mentioned in carpet lighting, sofa lighting and exhibition lighting.

The quality of the Norma LED projector is striking. Aftermarket services The Normatek LED projector is always with the customer.

Exploring the Benefits of Using Power LEDs

Optimizing energy consumption and economic efficiency in LED power

Heat management in Power LED

This article provides a brief description of the process topic Heat transfer in LED, COB, SMD chips Let us briefly use the word LED in the text below.

A Power LED has a power equivalent to 1 mW or higher. Although light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are more efficient than other light sources, they still convert most of the electricity into heat. LEDs produce% 1 heat and% 2% light.
If the LED heat is not extinguished, the LED temperature will rise, which will reduce the efficiency and eventually burn the LED. Therefore, it is essential that the junction point temperature (P-N bonding point) is lower than the maximum point to guarantee the lifetime of the LED.

Heat transfer methods:

Heat transfer in three ways: radiation, conduction, and displacement . Some heat is emitted from the light into the LED, and we should consider the opaque or translucent lens that we place on the LED chips This prevents the heat from leaving the light and therefore the LED heat from the back of the chip is transferred to the appropriate Heat Sink by means of the chip that is correctly mounted on the LED and ultimately due to the temperature difference between the Heat Sink and The environment is there The heat is transferred to the environment by means of displacement.

A few tips: One of the most important things that can hurt you LEDs are heat, which is one of the simplest methods to measure the temperature at the point the manufacturer has specified on the LED. Several parameters, including ambient temperature and location of the lamp on the temperature measurement , have a significant impact on this method. For example, the COB chip is the measurement point for the TRIDONIC company in the image below, labeled Tc.

Power LED heat management

– If the maximum temperature is LED chip junction as specified by the manufacturer, The lamp can perform better at higher ambient temperatures or when the air around the lamp is low.

– Another important parameter defined in LEDs is heat resistance . The smaller the number, the faster the heat transfer process can be and the more economical the Hest Sink can be.

– For example, TRIDONIC COBs have a maximum temperature of 2 ° C at the point of joining where the temperature measured at the Tc point can be as high as 1 ° C.

Led bulb

Exploring the Benefits of Replacing LED Bulbs – Energy Management

 High efficiency

LED lamps currently have an efficiency of between 20 and 40 lumens per watt, while this is for light bulbs of 12 to 15 lumens, and for low-power lamps of 35 to 60 lumens per watt, and for sodium vapor lamps of 100 Lumen reaches watts.

You can see that LED bulbs seem to have no advantage over low-energy or sodium vapor lamps, but what makes LED lamps different than others is that the light emitted by them is not scattered all over the space, and secondly, the ultraviolet rays. And are not infrared, which makes them more intense in space than others, which can be used in a variety of places that require centralized noise, such as instrumentation activities in industries, corporations and offices, as illustrated below. Has been.

In addition to the above, you can provide your own lighting needs for your different needs with no less and no more, but due to numerous problems, old lamps can not be produced with any power and usually have standards. They are special and their lighting is usually not adjustable like LED lamps.

 High reliability

Suppose that the probability of failure of an LED in 1 to 5000 hours is equal to 0.002, and if we consider one LED bulb with 500 LEDs and consider the time of replacement of this 200 LED to be 1 LED, then the probability of replacement This lamp in 1 to 5000 hours is equal to 0.002 with power 200 which is approximately zero.

So when using a standard LED lamp, you can be sure that it won’t need to be replaced for many years, which is why all overseas LED lamps are now guaranteed for up to 5 years. They undertake to replace their products in the event of any failure anywhere in the world at no cost.

 High shelf life

Until the advent of LED lamps, the longest life span recorded for light sources was about 5000 hours, which is not comparable to the lowest life expectancy for LEDs.

Now let’s examine the effect of the two features mentioned above.

Usually one or more of the light bulbs are switched off every time you cross a street, and the agents will replace them the next day, which will take a lot of time and expense, but replacing the old bulbs with LEDs can be as much as possible. It saved a lot of money.

Absence of ultraviolet and infrared rays

There has always been light produced by light sources, along with UV and infrared rays that are not in our field of vision and are not intended to provide illumination, but the issue here does not end with the use of ultraviolet light rather than human light. They are harmful, and scientists, according to the latest research, have forbidden women from being exposed to light and low-energy light bulbs because they emit a large amount of UV light, while the effects of UV light on their appearance. Skin cancer Els has already been proven.

 Operation with very low voltages

The voltage used by LED bulbs can be very low and it is interesting that LED bulbs will also illuminate with a small amount of their rated voltage and can be fed to the weakest and smallest batteries. Therefore, many industrial and building lighting systems and even passageways can be powered by batteries and direct pipes without the need to connect to the national grid, which can alleviate the problem of peak and valley loads of the grid and the cost of constructing power transmission facilities at highways and distances. Lowered the to