Exploring the Benefits of Replacing LED Bulbs – Energy Management

Led bulb

 High efficiency

LED lamps currently have an efficiency of between 20 and 40 lumens per watt, while this is for light bulbs of 12 to 15 lumens, and for low-power lamps of 35 to 60 lumens per watt, and for sodium vapor lamps of 100 Lumen reaches watts.

You can see that LED bulbs seem to have no advantage over low-energy or sodium vapor lamps, but what makes LED lamps different than others is that the light emitted by them is not scattered all over the space, and secondly, the ultraviolet rays. And are not infrared, which makes them more intense in space than others, which can be used in a variety of places that require centralized noise, such as instrumentation activities in industries, corporations and offices, as illustrated below. Has been.

In addition to the above, you can provide your own lighting needs for your different needs with no less and no more, but due to numerous problems, old lamps can not be produced with any power and usually have standards. They are special and their lighting is usually not adjustable like LED lamps.

 High reliability

Suppose that the probability of failure of an LED in 1 to 5000 hours is equal to 0.002, and if we consider one LED bulb with 500 LEDs and consider the time of replacement of this 200 LED to be 1 LED, then the probability of replacement This lamp in 1 to 5000 hours is equal to 0.002 with power 200 which is approximately zero.

So when using a standard LED lamp, you can be sure that it won’t need to be replaced for many years, which is why all overseas LED lamps are now guaranteed for up to 5 years. They undertake to replace their products in the event of any failure anywhere in the world at no cost.

 High shelf life

Until the advent of LED lamps, the longest life span recorded for light sources was about 5000 hours, which is not comparable to the lowest life expectancy for LEDs.

Now let’s examine the effect of the two features mentioned above.

Usually one or more of the light bulbs are switched off every time you cross a street, and the agents will replace them the next day, which will take a lot of time and expense, but replacing the old bulbs with LEDs can be as much as possible. It saved a lot of money.

Absence of ultraviolet and infrared rays

There has always been light produced by light sources, along with UV and infrared rays that are not in our field of vision and are not intended to provide illumination, but the issue here does not end with the use of ultraviolet light rather than human light. They are harmful, and scientists, according to the latest research, have forbidden women from being exposed to light and low-energy light bulbs because they emit a large amount of UV light, while the effects of UV light on their appearance. Skin cancer Els has already been proven.

 Operation with very low voltages

The voltage used by LED bulbs can be very low and it is interesting that LED bulbs will also illuminate with a small amount of their rated voltage and can be fed to the weakest and smallest batteries. Therefore, many industrial and building lighting systems and even passageways can be powered by batteries and direct pipes without the need to connect to the national grid, which can alleviate the problem of peak and valley loads of the grid and the cost of constructing power transmission facilities at highways and distances. Lowered the to

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